When I came to Oglethorpe I was sure I wanted to be a psychology major, even though math and creative writing were strong passions of mine. As part of the psychology requirement, I had to take statistics, and I decided to take it my very first semester. By the end of the semester I was smitten with math again; I knew then I also wanted to be a math major.

Not willing to compromise, I took on both. Although my advisor was in psychology, the math professors eagerly met with me to ensure I was hitting the proper milestones. When my capstone courses for each major were being planned, my professors spoke to each other to ensure that the classes wouldn’t be offered at the same time (my Time Turner was still broken from that crazy night junior year – don’t ask).

I still can’t pick my favorite, so I settled with pursuing a PhD that combines the two. After this, who knows? Oglethorpe taught me that learning never stops – maybe I’ll be a creative writer yet!