There are too many special moments to list here but I will say that having written an article for the Stormy Petrel was my first foray into the writing world. After I graduated in 1970, I entered our family business (David David Gallery) and went on to write an article about an artist we represented, (Martha Walter) which was published in The American Art review in 1978. I decided then that I needed to share the inner workings of the art market and wrote, “Collecting And Care of Fine Art” which was published by Crown, NY in 1981 and will be published by Skyhorse Publishing NY in the fall or winter of 2015 as an updated, revised edition. My second book, which is my heart, is “Bader Field; How my family Survived Suicide” (Nightengale Press, 2008-2015 POD). It is a non fiction family saga of how our idyllic 1960’s American family was nearly shattered by the suicide of one of my older brothers, (I was 16; he was 22) and how we struggled to claw our way back to life. I have been using the book as a means of reaching out to raise awareness to the devastation this horrific act leaves in its wake upon the surviving family members and friends. Regularly doing television, radio and journal interviews for years, I am now working toward getting the book into every school system in America and having a film made which would have a tremendous positive impact and save lives. My 3rd (newest ) book “Waking Dreams; The Subtle Reality” (Motivational Press, July 2015) is a collection of episodes of synchronicity that I have experienced that I wanted to share. These signs and messages from The Universe are gifts that when acknowledged, give assurance that we are not alone and allow us to focus on the present instead of being mired in fear of the future.