I got my BS in Math and Science in 1959, and taught school for a year where I went to elementary school.  Afterwards, I went back to OU and got my T4 teachers certificate and taught a second year in high school Biology, Chemistry and Physics in Pickens County, GA where I incidentally finished high school, myself. I then went to work for Lockheed at the Nuclear Lab near Dawsonville in North, GA where I, after some time, transferred to the main plant in Marietta and became a Senior Aeromechanics Engineer. In 1971, I quit as a protest to the SST and Viet Nam War effort and started a new Anesthesiology program at Emory where I got my MS in 1973. I subsequently went on to get my MD in 1997. I did my residency in Anesthesiology at Emory and stayed there–becoming the Chief of Pediatric Anesthesia at Grady before I left and wound up at the Medical Center in Johnson City, TN. I loved my time and the Core at OU and still think it is ideal in many ways. I am now retired in Macon, GA where my daughter is head soccer coach at Wesleyan College.