My defining moment at Oglethorpe was the day I booked my first trip abroad with Heidi Blackwell ’99, back in March 1999. Heidi and I started out as friends in elementary school, and although we didn’t attend the same high school we each separately decided to matriculate to Oglethorpe. Spurred on by a big sale from British Airways, we booked a seven night trip to England following Heidi’s graduation. Although we did the trip on a true student’s shoestring budget, we had a wonderful time together, and that fantastic week opened me up to new cultures and experiences which has led to an addiction to travel. Since then, I’ve visited 23 countries ranging from nearby Caribbean islands to many countries in Europe to exotic destinations such as Australia, Vanuatu and Russia. Since our initial excursion abroad, Heidi and I have remained close friends and have been fortunate enough to travel on two additional trips together, to Italy and Ireland and Wales. My OU education has allowed me to appreciate art, architecture, music and food in every place I’ve explored, and has given me the ability to keep an open mind, enjoy and seek understanding of different cultures around the world. The big question since my defining moment has been and will continue to be: where to next?